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Thank you for your interest in advertise with us !

Link : price is $100 / year (on the left side, below the social media buttons).

Advertorial : always first (sticky) post price is $100 / month, normal post price is $100 / year (500 words minimum, 3 external links to your website maximum and 1 picture .jpg <100kb 300x250 in the "Insurance breaking news" category). Banner : price is $100 / month or $1000 / year for any of the following banners :

(on the left side, .jpg, .png or .gif and <100kb 125x125)

(on every post, .jpg, .png or .gif and <100kb 468x60)

Youtube : price is $1000 / year (660 advertorials and 1980 maximum links to your website in the description of each video from our channel , some of them are on the first page of Youtube, Google, Yahoo or Bing).

We rent on the principle of first-come first-served and you keep your position as long as you keep paying for it. The e-mail to contact us is : .

Our public statistics (visible on the left side) in 2015 January :
Facebook : 10.695 page likes
Twitter : 10.653 followers
Pinterest : 644 followers
Youtube : 1.078 subscribers, 16.171 channel views
Google+ : 318 followers, 19.164 views
Feedburner : 1.321 rss readers
Traffic : 13.237 unique visitors, 43.254 page views

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