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All about commercial car insurance

Commercial car insurance is required for all companies who have cars that are registered with the company for commercial purposes. Typical commercial auto insurance definitions state that if you have a titled vehicle registered to the company then you will need commercial vehicle insurance.

Personal car insurance vs commercial car insurance

Most companies will have cars that are used by their employers for commercial jobs. But if you are a small business owner you will think that covering your car under your own personal car insurance will offer you sufficient commercial insurance protection. But that is not so. Your personal car insurance is not sufficient to protect your employees when they are using your car for company purposes. Moreover each personal car insurance policy will have a clause that makes it void when you use the same car with different drivers for commercial purposes.

How many cars are covered under commercial auto insurance ?

Commercial auto insurance is in the form of two separate coverage types that you can use. The insurance coverage will protect the cars that you have registered with the company and it will also protect the drivers of the car that are doing company work in a company car. You can also opt for commercial car insurance that will cover your entire fleet. This is called as commercial fleet insurance. The number of cars that are covered under the fleet insurance can vary from company to company. The advantage with fleet insurance is that you will get a cheaper rate for all the vehicles that are under the same umbrella and the same company.

Can I apply for temporary commercial car insurance ?

Yes you can. You can apply for temporary car insurance for your fleet of cars. You may have chosen the temporary car insurance so that you can drive your company cars around the city till the time that the registration and the papers of the cars are not complete. You might also have to wait till you can get payment for the cars complete. The range of coverage of the temporary car insurance may vary from a single day to several weeks. You can also ask for conversion of the temporary insurance into a permanent one depending on whether you like the car offer and the deals that are offered.

Where can I find commercial car insurance quotes ?

You can find commercial car insurance at any insurance company. If you already have personal car insurance, make sure that you check with them for commercial car insurance too. They will be able to offer you a better deal based on the policies that you already have with them. You can also find commercial vehicle insurance at several online companies that work through websites. These sites will have commercial car insurance calculators that will calculate the exact premiums that you have to pay and for the cars that can be covered.

Where can I find commercial car insurance companies for quotes ?

There are commercial vehicle insurance companies online that will provide you with a range of policies to choose from. Apart from that you can also try the following :
Private salesmen or insurance agents will get in touch with you to sell you their commercial auto insurance policies.
You can use free online comparison calculators that will calculate the cost of the insurance policies and then give you a commercial vehicle insurance online quote comparison from different companies. You can choose the best quote and then get in touch with them for more information.
Online websites of commercial companies that deal online with company car insurance. These companies have websites only and no offices that you can contact. As a result you get substantial discounts for the policies that you can take on.
1 800 numbers and advertisements may seem like really cheap and shady ways of getting commercial car insurance but they do work. Quite a few large international companies may not have a physical office but they do work through toll free numbers and through ads. You can get in touch with them to get more information and free quotes of the cars in your company.

How can I lower premium costs of cheap commercial auto insurance ?

There are several methods of reducing the cost of the commercial car insurance that you have taken on.
The location of your business can actually lower the commercial car insurance policy. And this is very true if you are located inside the city and if you have internal parking for your company cars.
Make sure that your cars are driven by careful drivers who do not have any mistakes on their driving records. You are more likely to get a better deal or a discount on your payments.
Choose simpler domestic models like sedans and minivans to get lower payments on the commercial car insurance policy. Underwriters know that locally made cars are less likely to be robbed.
If you can afford the risk of a higher deductible then go ahead and take it. Please remember that you will have to pay a higher amount from your pocket in case of an accident.
Safety and antitheft devices are really great to reduce the price of your auto commercial insurance quotes on your cars. Make sure that you have safety devices on every car that is registered with your company for commercial use.
Make sure that you carry out commercial car insurance comparisons properly to get the right cost of the premiums you have to pay. Most commercial auto insurance quotes that you get online at calculators are not accurate as they might be outdated. Make sure that you use these quotes just as a guide to get an idea of how much your company will have to pay.
We hope these simple tips give you an idea of how to get the best commercial car insurance for your company cars. Do get in touch with us for more help and tips though.

Car commercial insurance

Car commercial insurance

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