Van insurance :

Van insurance

Courier van insurance is essential for anyone who is driving for a living and regularly delivering goods to customers.

No one enjoys having to fork out for van insurance quotes but whether we like it or not, it’s a legal requirement. A recent crack down by the government now means that even if your van is out of use and gathering dust in the garage, it still needs to be insured.

This new legislation, Continuous insurance enforcement, states that every vehicle, on or off the road, has to be insured unless the owner has registered it with the Dvla by completing a Statutory off road notice (Sorn). Not only will you be breaking the law if you ignore this, you could also expect a hefty fine of £1,000 and the possibility of having your vehicle seized and destroyed.

As you are out on the road so often, it will pay to purchase a comprehensive courier insurance van policy that will protect you against every eventuality. However, premiums tend to be quite high. Insurers see couriers as high risk due to the fact that they make multiple stops and are often working against the clock. They are also aware that thieves are clued up to the fact that couriers are likely to be carrying valuable goods. It will therefore come as no surprise that the ford transit van is the most frequently stolen vehicle in the UK.

It is therefore vital that you do your research and compare van insurance, shop around to get the best business van insurance deal for your circumstances. You will need to decide on the level of cover you need and as with most things, you will get what you pay for. Don’t assume that cheapest is best van insurance quote, this is a false economy and you could end up with an insurance for van policy that doesn’t offer the cover you really need.

Levels of van insurance groups cover

There are different levels of company van insurance cover and additional services which, while costing you a little more, will mean you are fully protected. Everyone’s circumstances are different so it pays to make sure you do a van insurance compare and get the right policy for you. It may be that you want to protect the items that you are transporting, in which case it would be wise to go for a policy that has goods in transit cover. You may also want to consider employer’s liability insurance for vans.

Van breakdown cover would give you that extra peace of mind when out on the road. The last thing you would want with so many time critical deliveries would be for your vehicle to fail you.

There are a number of other possibilities when it comes to services you want your policy to include, such as protection against vandalism, a replacement van if yours is being repaired, european cover and no claims protection. So take time to think about what you really need and what would be most beneficial to you and your business.

Remember to always read the small print before agreeing to a deal to make sure it includes all the features you need. Never presume certain things are covered just as standard. Also check the amount of excess you will have to pay if you do need to put in a claim.

Shop around for cheap courier van insurance quotes

Taking the time to compare prices of van insurance companies will allow you to get the best possible price for the level of cover you need.

Van insurance

Van insurance

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